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main sanctuary

The Sanctuary is open and airy with lots of natural light.  While the Little White Church evokes a warm intimate atmosphere, our Main Sanctuary wraps you in peace and welcomes you home like a great hug.  It will seat approx 400 people with a center aisle with pews on either side.  The choir loft is behind the dais.

We utilize our Main Sanctuary every Sunday morning for worship service.  Children are welcome in the sanctuary and are encouraged to stay throughout service.


The Main Sanctuary was designed in 1956 by Victor Lundy in a Sarasota School of Architecture meets South Pacific Style.  It's said to resemble an inverted Ark.  Beams soar to the center of the roof and glass runs down the east and west sides of the building atop brick that is done in a herringbone motif.  There are double sets of windows spaced periodically down those east west walls allowing even more light to stream in.

01_Main Sanctuary.jpg
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